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Evaluation Kit

Based on Raspberry Pi

The connector board RAPIDv3.14u is used to connect the pin header of the Raspberry Pi to our RAPIDv3 platform. The compatible radar module is connected to the connector board with the possibility to attach a dielectric lens. The radar is configured via UART or I2C and the target list is transferred over the same interface. Additionally, the radar raw ADC data is transferred via SPI and processed in the Wellenzahl backend software.

The Wellenzahl backend software is running on the Raspberry Pi and is programmed in C++ and Python which makes it ideal for evaluation purposes. A webserver running on the Raspberry Pi which is used for visualizing all the radar data, parameters and processed values.

You can easily connect via LAN or WLAN to the Raspberry Pi, opening your preferred web browser and start exploring the world of radar.

Power supplyUSB-C connector of Raspberry Pi (5 V / 3 A)
Data interfaceEthernet or WLAN

To have a preview on our Web GUI visit our Livedemo Rapview.