122 GHz Wideband

Highend Module

The wideband version of the Silicon Radar 122 GHz frontend TRAˍ120ˍ045 has almost the same analogue topolgy then the standard 122 GHz radar frontend. It's not a standard module, therefore an official datasheet is not available. Due to the collabration with Silicon Radar as official Solution Partner we will support you by integrating such a radar system to your application. The main difference are the PLL loop filter topology, which is realized as active filter with negative feedback to cover the total bandwidth of 20.2 GHz. The main benefit of the high bandwidth is the lower resolution (7.5 mm). The accuracy is in gneral not affected by the higher bandwidth.

The basic operation overview is given in the following table:

Frequency range113.9 -134.1 GHz (20.2 GHz)
Resolution> 7.5 mm
Accuracy< 0.1 mm
ISM band122-123 GHz
Radar operationFMCW and CW
Baseband high pass filter cutoffvariable (down to 0 for pure CW measurements)
ADC12 bit I and Q data
Baseband amplification (VGA)variable baseband amplification possible
Power supply5.0 V
Current consumption400 mA peak
RAPID v3 platformyes