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Baseband Circuit

RAPID v3 Interconnect

The baseband board is used for filtering, amplifying and AD converting the radar signals from the 4-10 GHz and 24 GHz modules. It has a similar architecture than the baseband circuitry of the 122 GHz module. It is connected to the radar module intermediate frequency signals by a flat ribbon cable. The baseband board is compatible with the standard RAPIDv3 connector wheras the radar modules are connected in parallel to the RAPIDv3 connector.

The main feautres are:

Intermediate frequency0 - 2.5 MHz
Max. gain80 dB
AD converter12 bit, max. 5 MSPS
Operation modesFMCW and CW
Baseband high pass filter cutoffelectrical switchable from DC to AC
Baseband low pass filter cutoffelectrical switchable from 600 kHz to 2.5 MHz (9th order)
Simultaneous signal paths2 differential paths, e.g. I and Q channel
Power supply3.3 V
Current consumption150 mA
RAPID v3 platformyes