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60 GHz

Multi-Purpose Module

This module is based on Infineon's BGT60TR13C radar frontend which offers integrated antennas on package (AoP). The RAPID v3_14i module is optimzed for low-power conusmption and low-cost solutions. The complete radar circuitry including the frequency generation and the baseband circuitry is integrated in the radar frontend. An STM32L432 is used for setting the registers of the radar frontend, transferring the ADC data from the radar frontend and caluclating a target list of the 3 dominant targets. Several algorithms are available for this module depending on your application. The Tx and one Rx antenna are centered to the mid point of the PCB which makes the use of a dielectric lens easily possible by using the mounting holes of the PCB. Compared to the pure monostatic version at 77 GHz there is a performance degradation using a dielectric lens. On the other side the integrated antennas make this module more cost-effective.

A big advantage is the ultra low-power consumption of this radar frontend compared to all other available modules from Wellenzahl, which makes this module best suited for low-power applications (e.g. IoT applications)

The basic operation parameters are listed above:

Frequency range58-63.5 GHz
ISM band61-61.5 GHz
TLPR band57-64 GHz
Radar operationFMCW and CW
Baseband high pass filter cutoffmin. 20 kHz (no pure CW measurements)
ADC12 bit I and Q data
Baseband amplification (VGA)variable baseband amplification possible
Power supply1.8 V or 3.3 V
Current consumption125 mA @ 3.3 V
RAPID v3 platformyes