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300 GHz

Preview Module

The 300 GHz radar module TRAˍ300ˍ043 from Silicon Radar covers a very high bandwidth of 41.5 GHz. It's not a standard module, therefore an official datasheet is not available. Due to the collabration with Silicon Radar as official Solution Partner we will support you by integrating such a radar system to your application. It is used in applications where the resoultion has to be minimal (> 3.6 mm). Resolution means the minimum distance of two targets to seperate them from each other. In general, the measurement accuracy of the radar modules is < 0.1 mm. Since the radiation if the radar signal is challenging at such high bandwidths the principle of an Integrated Lens Antenna (ILA) is used. Therefore an additional dielectric lens has to be placed to radar QFN package. At the picture a silicon lens is used which could be replaced by a special plastic lens. The package concept increases the overall cost, which makes this module suitable for application where the resolution of the radar module would be the key benefit.

The basic operation parameters are listed above:

Frequency range287 - 328.5 GHz (41.5 GHz)
Resolution> 3.6 mm
Accuracy< 0.1 mm
ISM bandunlicensed
TLPR bandunlicensed
Radar operationFMCW and CW
Baseband high pass filter cutoffswitchable from AC to DC (pure CW measurements)
ADC12 bit I and Q data
Baseband amplification (VGA)variable baseband amplification possible
Power supply5.0 V
Current consumptionmA peak
RAPID v3 platformyes