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RAPIDv3 - Base Platform


The shown 12-pin female connector is used at all RAPIDv3 compatible radar modules, whereas the pin assignment can differ for each of the radar modules.

The 12-pin female connector is applied to the radar modules whereas the male counterpart is connected e.g. on the Raspberry Pi rapid_v3_14u connector board. Additionally, a male connector for a standard flat ribbon cable is available.


Connector Part Numbers:

The connectors of the RAPIDv3 compatible radar modules and the counterparts are listed in the following table:

ConnectorVendorPart #Description
12-pin female SMD connectorWürth Elektronik690367281276Used at radar modules or as counterpart for flat ribbon cable connector
12-pin male SMD connectorWürth Elektronik690357281276Used e.g. at Raspberry Pi connector board rapid_v3_14u
12-pin male flat ribbon cable connectorWürth Elektronik690157001272

Used for flat ribbon cable


Basic Pin Description:

Most of the pins have several optional functions implemented which can be choosen individually at your order. The standard pin assignment for each RAPIDv3 compatible module is avilable upon request. At following table the basic configuration is shown:

Pin #FunctionDescriptionDirecton
1Power1.8 or 3.3 or 5 V (radar module dependent)Input
3GPIOmain uasge: SPI_SCLKInput
4GPIOmain usage: I2C_SCLI/O
5GPIOmain_uasge: SPI_MOSIInput
6GPIOmain_usage: I2C_SDAI/O
7GPIOmain uasge: SPI_MISOOutput
8GPIOmain usage: UART_TXOutput
9GPIOmain usage: SPI_CSInput
10GPIOmain usage: UART_RXInput
11GPIOmain usage: GPO, data available for SPIOutput
12GPIOdata available for SPI Output
12 GPIO main usage: GPI

Please note that the voltage level of GPIOs are always referred to the input voltage at the power pin.

Mechanical Dimensions:

The RAPIDv3 compatible radar modules have a fixed PCB size of 34 x 34 mm². Four M2 screws can be used for PCB mounting. The phase center of the Tx / Rx antennas is basicly centered to the mid point of the PCB which makes the radar modules compatible for using a dielectric lens. The 2D drawing of the dimensions is shown in the image.