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Dielectric Lenses

A dielectric lens is used for collimating the beam of the radar frontend. The antenna gain, the half-power beamwidth (HPBW) and thus the beam spot is mainly dependent on the aperture size of the lens. We have a standard lens available for our RAPIDv3 compatible radar modules > 50 GHz which can be directly mounted to the PCB.

Since the theoretical lens shape is not dependant to the operating frequency the same lens can be used for all radar modules > 50 GHz. However, the antenna characterstic is affected by the aperture size which can be seen in the above three images.

Frequency range> 50 GHz
Antenna gain32 dBi @ 122 GHz
Dimensions35 x 35 mm²
Focal distance15 mm
Mounting4 x M2 screws
3dB beamwidth5 ° @ 122 GHz


Dielectric Lens Gain

Dielectric Lens HPBW

Dielectric Lens Spotsize